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Powys attend the Intercounty champs
Roger leads Powys Archery Team at the Welsh Inter County Tournament

Ten archers from Powys competed against the cream of Welsh talent at the Inter County Tournament on Saturday. Under the watchful eye of Coach and Team Captain Roger Davies, the County Team put in a good performance against stiff competition from Glamorgan, Dyfed and Gwent.

Speaking at the end of the tournament, Roger said, ‘We will always be the underdogs as we don’t have the same number of people to draw from as do the more populated counties. This year we took more archers than ever before and although we still couldn’t field a full team, we certainly made our presence felt. The senior recurve team did particularly well with a great performance from Maria Melham in her first showing for the County, scoring a new County record. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough archers for full teams in the other disciplines but recurve juniors Toby McLurg, Danny Pinder, and James and Andrew Brimer all did well and set three county records between them.’

Roger went onto say, ‘It would be great next year if we could take a full team to the Inter County match so we are always looking for new talent. Archery is a great sport for anyone regardless of age or gender. There tends to be fewer ladies taking up the sport but they would be made most welcome as this is always where we struggle to complete teams. It has been great to see Maria doing so well when she only started the sport last year and it shows what you can do with a bit of natural talent and hard work.’

Powys County Archery Team

Left to right: Martin Nash, Roger Davies, Andrew Brimer, Sonya Ashworth, Stephanie Nash,
Danny Pinder, Toby McLurg, Paul Pinder, James Brimer, Ashley Collins, Maria Melham.


See the gallery for pictures of the event.