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Powys Archers attend Llandaff City Bowmen Portsmouth
3 Powys archers attended the Llandaff City Portsmouth again this year .
 Maria Melham and Danny and Paul Pinder travelled down to St Fagans to take part in the tournament having spent all day on Saturday shooting over 200 arrows at a coaching day .
Danny decided to shoot as a senior gent as there were no U16 gents to compete against and it has to be said that he did pretty well . He beat his personal best that he set a couple of weeks ago (551) with a score of 554 and came 6th out of the 17 senior gents competing which for a U16 gent is a pretty good result .
Paul took third place with a score of 573 which was a relief as at one point it looked like Danny was going to beat him ......not this time but that day is coming .....