1.The name of the Association shall be the South and Mid Powys Archery Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association.
2.The Association shall be the governing body of Archery in South and Mid Powys and shall be recognised as such.
3.The aims of the Association shall be to encourage and maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship in archery; the practice and promotion of archery, in its various forms, in accordance with the Rules of the Grand National Archery Society.
4.Membership of the Association shall be open to all archers and bona fide clubs within the County. Membership of the Association shall imply, without reserve, acceptance and compliance with the rules and decisions of the Association.
5.The management of the Association shall be vested in a Management Committee, comprising a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two members of each constituent club of the Association. Such committee shall have the power to co-opt as desired
6.Each member of the elected Management Committee shall have a vote on all matters dealt with by the Committee. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. The Chairman shall have the power to leave a proposal on the table for future reference.
7.Election of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be made in accordance with the rules of the Association in force at the time.
8.The members of the Association shall have the power to elect a President and Vice-President(s) as may from time to time be desired at the Annual General Meeting.
9.The Association shall be responsible for promoting the Annual Championships of the County, and also for arranging the teams which shall represent the County.
10.All trophies shall remain the undisputed property of the Association, and may not be disposed of in any way without the consent of all members.
11.No member shall commit the Association to any expense without the express authority of the Officers of the Association. The Officers of the Association may be reimbursed for any expenses incurred by them, on the Association's business. Such expenses must be properly accounted for.
12.Custodianshipof all the Association's property shall be vested in the Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer.
13.The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually and submitted to the Annual general Meeting for approval. The financial year shall end on 30th September. Cheques shall be valid when signed by any two of the named Officers i.e. Treasurer, Secretary or Chairman.
14.All members must be affiliated to the G.N.A.S., W.A.F. and S.W.A.S., through the Association.
15.The Management Committee shall have discretionary powers to deal with any matter, not specifically covered by the rules.
16.Changes in this Constitution and/or Rules, can only be made by the Annual general Meeting. Any ammendments must be sent to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the meeting, for inclusion on the Agenda. Any such change, duly approved, shall be in force as from that Meeting.
17.All assets shall be for the benefit of archery and all funds shall be vested in the Officers of the Association.
18.In the event of the Association being dissolved all assets shall, after payment of all debts and liabilities, be vested in the South Wales Archery Society to be held until such time as the Association be reformed. In the event of a deficiency the General Meeting shall decide how it should be met.


1.Election of Officers.
The election of Officers shall be made at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals for Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer should, if possible, be sent to the Secretary at least seven days before the meeting. Where there is a change of Officers, such newly elected Officer(s) to assume his/her/their duties at the end of the Annual General Meeting.
The annual fee for membership of the Association shall be decided from time to time at a General Meeting. Such amount to be paid through the Club Secretaries, together with National and Regional fees, by 30th September each year. Any Club composed of disabled archers may be accepted as an Honourary Club.
3.Member Clubs shall submit, with their subscriptions, a list of all Club members and dates of birth of those under 18 years. Any archer whose name has not been submitted to the Secretary and for whom the appropriate fees have not been paid shall be deemed not to be a member of the Association.
4.Representation of the Association.
All members of the Association shall be elegible for selection for each and every team or shoot involving the representation of the County. Selection of such teams to be made by the Management Committee and only those teams nominated by the Association may be officially recognised as representing the County Association.
The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held as soon as possible after the end of the financial year. Other meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the Management Committee, or they may be convened by the Chairman, at the request of not less than two member Clubs. Management Committee Meetings may be held as is necessary to conduct the affairs of the Association.
At General Meetings all members over the age of 16 years who are present shall have a vote. The Chairman shall have the casting vote but may withhold this should he/she so desire. Voting at a Management Committee Meeting shall be in accordance with the Constitution. The Chairman may be empowered to call for a postal vote should he/she deem this to be necessary.
The quorum at any General Meeting shall consist of representatives of half the member Clubs. The elected Officers shall not be deemed to represent any Clubs. The quorum at any Management Committee shall comprise two Officers and half the Club's representatives.
8.Notice of Meetings.
At least seven days' notice, in writing, shall be given for all General Meetings, other than the Annual General Meeting, when fourteen days' notice shall be given. At least seven days' notice shall be given for each meeting of the Management Committee.
9.Annual General Meeting.
At the Annual general Meeting, the Agenda shall include, inter alia, acceptance of the Minutes, Reports from the Officers, presentation of an audited Financial Statement.
10.Extra-ordinary General Meetings.
The Chairman of the Management Committee may summon an extra-ordinary General Meeting at any time, providing that fourteen days' notice is given. Representatives of two Clubs may demand such a meeting, provided that such a demand be accompanied by the names of at least two members from each Club. Such a requisition shall state the reason for demanding the meeting. No matter, other than specified, may be dealt with at the meeting, except at the Chairman's discretion.